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Hi - I'm Tammy. . .

Born and raised in Maine, I am no stranger to hard work, or living life to its fullest. In fact, it is what drives my passion. I am the proud mom of two incredible men, who have helped me learn some very valuable lessons along the way.

While I began dabbling in the wellness industry after the birth of my boys, it was not until 2011 that I really found my passion for helping others. I have been an entrepreneur all my life, but 2011 is when I discovered my calling - helping others live the life they dreamed of.

I have experienced first hand how difficult it can be to live the life you want -

After tons of research, reading, and education, I have the tools and passion to help others live the life they want, free of denial and guilt! It is now my passion to show the possibilities to others, through guidance and leadership.

I am living proof that it is possible, no matter what obstacles are in your way, to live the life you dream of - so dream big! I salute you for embarking on your journey, and I look forward to hearing your story and success!


Essential Healthy Choices supports women in a world that is culturally demanding, emotionally draining, and self-challenging. Essential Health Choices encourages women to become the best version of themselves.


We believe that every woman should live a life full of health, happiness, financial freedom, and surrounded by family and friends.


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