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Cognitive Health

Cognitive Health

It is time to take care of


Cognitive health, or brain health, is something that is often referred to as people age. The truth is, no matter what age you are - 5, 55, or 85, your brain health is important to your overall healthy lifestyle.

The problem with cognitive health is we seldom think about it until our memory starts to fade, or we start to see a family member experience Alzheimer's. The fact remains that your brain must be given the attention it needs to stay healthy.

While cognitive health typically refers to learning and remembering, you should think of it as the center to all things that control YOU! Every word you speak, every action you take, all starts in your brain. Imagine neglecting your brain health - what would happen in a few years?

Because your cognitive health is so important to your overall healthy lifestyle, I have made it a point to work with others to help them keep their brain healthy. Areas we concentrate on are:

  • Foods that support your brain
  • Brain-Stimulating Aromatherapy
  • Brain Training

Here is what is available to you -

No matter what health issue you are concerned with, we can tackle together. Each individual coaching session will focus on you and your health. I will listen to your concerns, and together we will create the best solution to help you with your health concerns. Free of guilt. Free of denial. These sessions are for YOU! Each session is 45 minutes long, and can be conducted in-person, or via phone. The first session is free (information gathering session).

Available Kits -

Crossword puzzles are a great cognitive tool. They help to keep you mind fresh and working to capacity. This essential oil crossword pack is great if you want to learn more about essential oils, or if you are looking for a fun, great way to liven up your meetings or classes, these crossword puzzles are fantastic! Pass them out to your attendees and let the fun begin. Who can finish the puzzle the fastest and win a prize? Lots of fun, while learning more about essential oils.

All items are available for purchase in my shop!

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