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Emotional Support

Emotional Support

It is time to take care of


One of the most neglected aspects of health is emotions! In fact, most people do not even think about their emotional well-being, and seldom do anything to support this incredibly important part of their healthy lifestyle.

The sad truth is that for years you may have been told to push your feelings (or emotions) aside and just deal with the situation at hand, which can be playing a large role in your health. Did you know that your emotions play a large role in your physical health?

Because most people are taught from a very young age to hide their feelings and emotions, it can be difficult to learn to deal with emotions later in life. Stress, sadness, anxiousness, or even feeling upset, angry, or burnt out at work can cause you severe health issues.

I have learned over the years of working with many of my clients, that emotions are typically the number one root cause to many health issues. As a holistic health coach, I can help you take back your emotions, learn to recognize them, and teach you ways to control them.

My emotional support method includes:

  • Food and your Mood
  • Scented Reactions
  • Exercise Relievers

Here is what is available to you -

No matter what health issue you are concerned with, we can tackle together. Each individual coaching session will focus on you and your health. I will listen to your concerns, and together we will create the best solution to help you with your health concerns. Free of guilt. Free of denial. These sessions are for YOU! Each session is 45 minutes long, and can be conducted in-person, or via phone. The first session is free (information gathering session).

Available Kits -

Emotional Balance Kit coming soon.

All items are available for purchase in my shop!

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