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The Best Inflammatory Fighting Foods

Posted on 1st Aug 2018 in Nutrition, Healthy Living, Green Living

As more research surfaces regarding the link between inflammation and disease, more and more consumers are filling their grocery carts with inflammatory fighting foods.  While many of these foods have been around and consumed for generations, it is not until recently that a connection has been made with good health.  If you are looking to add these to your diet, here are a few of the best inflammatory fighting foods:

Turmeric – this spice has been used for generations and is often found in Indian dishes.  It is very effective in fighting inflammation.  It has been shown to be most effective when combined with black pepper, to help with absorption.  While there are many turmeric supplements available today, it is recommended that it is used as a spice and added to your food.

Ginger – another spice that has been used for years, this one is a little easier to digest for many.  It can be taken in a supplement format, tea, or find ways to add the whole spice to your food dishes.  This spice has shown to reduce inflammation related with allergies and asthma.

Salmon – making a comeback is the “king” of fish, salmon.  It has been known for years that this fish, rich in omega-3, reduces inflammation quickly.  There was much controversy about eating wild-caught or farm-raised, but both have shown to help significantly. 

Coconut Oil – studies have shown that this oil helps in relieving inflammation related with arthritis.  This natural oil not only tastes great, but is a great alternative to other oils on the market.  It is best to use virgin coconut oil.

Celery – this vegetable can also help fight infections.  The high level of potassium in celery is a great aid for many ailments.

Berries – blueberries and strawberries are best in fighting disease and contain anti-inflammatory properties.  They taste great and can be eaten with so many dishes – or even by themselves.

Whether you look for supplements that have anti-inflammatory properties, or eat some of these natural foods, you will find you feel better overall.  Consider adding some of these best inflammatory fighting foods to your diet.